Missing Prettier Button Bug

Is it just me or I kept having the prettier button missing on a few occasion recently? I’ve to either re-login or clear site cache/ refresh to bring back the button.

At the moment I have no idea how to replicate the issue it just happens often when I need it. Mainly disappeared on me when working on .html files and sometimes .js files. It happens on individual files while the rests might not be affected.

I’ve had that happen too. Did you try just refreshing the page? I’m p sure that has worked for me before, and/or going to a different file and coming back.

You may also want to try manually typing ‘refresh’ in the terminal instead of clearing cache, etc. ?

Hi there - we are aware that there’s a bug where the tabs will disappear. I don’t have an ETA on when it will be fixed but in the meantime, changing between different files and then going back to the original file often works for me.


@jaydonteh @christina

Our team believes that they have fixed the issue that was causing the prettier/format this file button to disappear.

When you have a moment, will you please check it? If you still see the issue, let us know!


@tasha Thanks. :+1:

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