How to undo glitch "Prettier" formatting

Help, I came back to glitch after a few months and noticed the new “Prettier” button on top so I clicked it and it screwed all my formatting over, is there any way to revert it? Rewind doesn’t seem to work…

(i had used spaces before to make it look more tidy, and now glitch has ruined it)
(and a lot of stuff has been changed which confuses me a lot as i don’t actually use glitch for coding too much)

Does CTRL + Z work for you? If not, contact with your project name and they should be able to revert to the latest backup of your project. Hope this helps!

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command z didnt work (that’s the undo function on macbooks). does contacting support even work? as the rewind function which was supposed to have backups of previous versions are also formatted for some reason (i definitely didn’t like that), but i’ll try it still

will update after if glitch support reply to me

Yes, Glitch support is excellent. I’ve caught them replying on the same day to some of my requests! And the Glitch team is able to access more heavy-weight backups than what you see on Rewind.

I have sent an email already, now I will just hope for the best! I’m confident that the support team can come up with a solution

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ctrl+z is the way for everything :wink:

since its not working for u that means u probably have to use another device for it

I used command z (since I use macbook) and spammed it but it didn’t work (unless its changing it line by line which I might not notice)

it shouldnt be changing line by line but if u closed it out and then came back to edit u cant undo anything anymore that might be what happened

I’ve contacted Glitch support - it went well! They solved all my problems within a day!
I’ve already created a remix of the project now, so in the future I will be able to back the project up myself.

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what r u making btw???

are u making some type of game or somethin???

I’m making an private server. is a n 2d online game btw

yes, he found the solution.