[mobile safari] remove autocapitalize and autocorrect from input fields for technical terms

Mobile safari does autocorrect and autocapitalization by default unless you explicitly disable it using HTML attributes on the input fields. It wreaks havoc in Glitch when you’re trying to type in things like package names and filenames.

In this example GIF, I’m trying to add “parcel-bundler” to my package.json, but all the automatic stuff turns it into “Parcel-bundles”. Often this causes the search to fail as well.


The same feedback applies for the filename input when creating or renaming files, and probably a bunch of other places too. Even just fixing these two alone would have a really positive impact for me!

Hey @hen, welcome to the Glitch forums! I saw your tweet and I’m going to move this topic to Feature Requests. Thanks for posting this here, it’s a great idea.

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