My Bot Shuts Down


Hey I have a Discord Bot and of course it was working perfectly but now it is staying online 5 minutes and then it shuts down. I have watch file and I use UpTime robot. It was working but now it shuts down. Any idea how to fix this problem?:confused:


I think your bot consumes much ram space which is very bad here. to solve the solution, why not check at nodemon its an awesome library to try. i use it in one of my projects


Hi @BullDogBg can you let us know the project name (you can email it to instead if you want to keep it private) and we can take a look?


@BullDogBg No need to mail them, I can help.

Are there any errors in your console? Ifso, post them here so I can figure it out. or if you would like me to watch it myself, Privatly message me your project so I can fix. I am a Discord Bot Developer and I also develop websites, so don’t worry…