[HELP] Discord bot hosting

Im hosting my discord bot with glitch. My friend told me this was the best place to host it. I took his advice and Im having some issues, the bot is coming online in the discord server but after like 10-20 minutes I close out of glitch it stays online and then after a few minutes the bot goes offline. I reopen glitch and there are no errors in the console or anything. Please help!

All projects that aren’t used sleep after 5 minutes. So in your case, if no command/event has been triggered the project goes to sleep, and you need to wake it up again after that. You can use uptime robot to make sure your bot never goes offline, I’ve set it up like this:

- Monitor Type MUST be HTTP(s)
- Friendly Name is up to you
- URL MUST be the URL to your project
- Monitoring Interval is recommended at 5 minutes

Good luck!