My discord bot shuts down after five minutes of inactivity... how do i disable this?

hi my name is dror and i made a discord.js bot in glitch but i want the bot to be online 24/7. the bot seems to be online when glitch is opened in my browser but i want the bot to be online EVEN after shutting the browser i tried uptimerobot and it is always down.

please help

all comments are appreciated

Pinging is now deprecated/banned permanently. So you can post your projects or self host.

Yep! Here are some guides to self-host:

  1. Android
  2. IOS Device
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You can also use the paid plan and boost your bot project

now also How To Host Discord Bot for FREE on GLITCH (no pinging involved, follows tos)

You have multiple choices to do this:

  • You can Self Host.
  • Get a VPS
  • Get a Glitch Boost

Overall, to answer this, no. You cannot disable inactivity after 5 minutes.