My Discord Bot Won't Come Online


So I have been having problems with my Discord bot. It’s just not coming online at all. I tried many different answers said by others and my own ways and nothing worked. If someone could please go over my code and see what’s wrong, that would be amazing.

My Glitch project is here. If you have any problems accessing it, please ask me.

I’m also very very very new to Discord.js v13, I don’t know if that is the problem though. I literally just upgraded to Discord.js v13 today. If you do find the problem, when you tell me, I might need an example of the code and where to put it because I’m very new.

Thank you!

The bot can connect to the database, but the bot doesn’t say it’s online.


The project doesn’t seem to exist. Though, I still have a possible solution for you. Sometimes when dependents are updated they no longer work with the old code. I can point you to my answer for
another question as it has pretty much the same instructions I would give for your question:

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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