My .env file was just BLANKED on 2 of my applications!

My .env file showed up blank on two of my applications, meow-bot and electroservice-bot. I did nothing to them, and they are blank. There was data in them before.

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Hey @MeowCatPersonThing, I can’t find a project called electroservice-bot - can you double check that name?

Hey @cori, I had the same issue happen to me at around the same time as the OP. The only data the ENV file held was a discord bot token as well as some discord user IDs, which I have since restored, so it is not a big deal. (Although the bot went down for several hours)

The project is called foxhole-war-map if you would like to investigate in detail.

Same issue, project’s ENV file got cleared 2 times now. Project name is foxhole-global.
UPDATE: the env file clears every time i close the tab with the project’s code.

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Exact same thing happens to me, unbelieveable.

Hey y’all we’re looking into this, but we’ll need to know project names you’re seeing this in so we can troubleshoot the problem. Anyone who hasn’t provided their project names please let us know what they are.

Hi there,

I’ve been having issues with the .ENV file lately.

I’m very frustrated about this, as I host my discord bots on Glitch.

When my .ENV file gets deleted it kills my projects, which I’m really not satisfied about.

If I try to redo them they keep going offline, over and over. Why? Because the .ENV file gets deleted for some reason?

Please give me a fix,

Thank you.

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Hello @Krybskytten, welcome to the support forum! I’m sorry you’re having trouble, let me take a look and see what’s going on. Can you share the name of a project you’re seeing this issue on?

I would give you my infos to my glitch projects, but I have them on a lot of them.


I don’t even want to go to any of my other projects, as I’m scared they will get the same issue.

hey @Krybskytten I’m merging this topic with the other report so we have one place to look at all the affected projects

I got really scared it happened with my bot im working on 2 months, but im happy cause it didnt.

@cori Happening to me also at salesquota and salesquota-dev - seems to happen when I switch out of a project within glitch editor - I also see the .env file still listed in the file list on the left while switching projects - don’t think I was seeing this behavior before this .env wipeout started happening

Been getting this aswell on my cmb project, this needs to be fixed ASAP, will we have to redo the info, or will the staff undo the wiped env files?

it’s electroservices-bot, sorry

Mine too. My project is ayumih-core.

Hey folks thanks for your patience here! We’re still nailing down the issue, and I can’t tell you anything about the resolution yet, but we’ll let you know how we’re going to proceed as soon as we can.

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blanked on super-hiro too
EDIT: and gamecentral-bot

When I enter in my projects and refresh, It gets deleted. :x

Every project i enter, it gets deleted. It don’t matter if you try to recreate the .env file, it still gets deleted