My first online multiplayer game

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It’s a puzzle-game clone. You need at least three players, each on their own computer or mobile. The rules are on wikipedia. I didn’t make a tutorial, only brief in-game guidance.

Being my first multiplayer game, you might find the game engine a bit quirky :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: The backend stores data in-memory, which makes the project easy to remix and run, but the high scores do not persist. Also, it handles only one session at a time, so it’s best to always remix first :slight_smile:

It’s been my side project since March, but I decided to stop for now and do something else. I used to play this game with pen/paper together with friends and collegues and now we can finally play it again! (though remotely). Now I wanted to share it here, since I think there might be others who might enjoy the game or making remixes.