My online operating system- made with OS.js

site to remix from:!/remix/pws-server
or test:

this site will allow you to get a copy of my OS.js example, it comes with:

  1. text editor
  2. VNC for remote desktops
  3. sound player and more!

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The link is broken. …

We had some difficulties where webpack crashed the server.

But DM if you want me to set one up

Where’s the new link?

Glitch :・゚✧

original post edited

@random Thanks! It works!

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i’ve added VNC for remote desktops and the ace editor for coding

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some usage tips:

  1. modify client/config.js for a better experience! (run npm run build after!)
  1. add a folder in vfs/ for a new user and filesystem!
  1. make your own apps with this guide!