My Project got suspended?


Don’t know why? My project at (it’s boosted)
Runs well for a long time. But today I switched Node version from v10 to v14. Then it says the project is suspended.

Please help



Contact for help.

As @RiversideRocks suggests you need to contact Glitch support via email. I had the same thing occur but I was lucky the project was suspended right after I had generated a new project based on the same code.

This suggests users should always maintain an up-to-date project in GitHub which would enable you to redeploy when/if this happens.

It also suggests that the current suspension mechanism is flawed as (in so far as I can tell) there is no way to correct the problem if the reason for the cancellation is exceeding the available disk space. It should be noted that my project was boosted and over the 200 MB limit for a non-boosted app. The suspension occurred when I turned off the boost. This option is available but if you use it your project is suspended. That seems less than ideal.

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It’s definitely something wrong.

I contacted support right after the first post but got no feedback after 7 hours. Usually they reply quickly.

Let’s see.

There has to be some sort of security thing when trying to install different stuff for the node.js programming language outside of your /app folder. Maybe contact for some answers.

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