My project has stopped due to Memory error

Hello, My project has run out of Memory and Disk usage is full, so it has stopped. It contained SQLite files. Please help because the data was really important, and please do something so I can at least view the data, so I can store it somewhere else…

To get your project functioning again, take a look at about freeing up space.

Git prune really does nothing, and git gc says that there’s no memory to overwrite. And I’ve deleted some files, but it doesn’t help.

After downloading your project as a backup, try removing the .git directory using rm -rf .git

And how do I exactly backup my project?

When I try to download my project, it says in Capital, “502 Bad Gateway”. Please help.

DM me a join link so we can view the code. Thanks.

Alright. I’ll DM you the link.

I’ve cleared the disk error, and temporarily commented out the app.listen function in app.js which is causing your other error. It looks like you already have something listening on that port, so you’ll need to resolve that.

Alright thanks! And what if the disk error is back again?

Make sure you have any frequently changing data files like databases and log files listed in a .gitignore file, or stored in a directory called .data (which will automatically gitignore them) along with any generated binary files. As this is likely what’s causing your .git directory to grow as it’s storing all changes to them.

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Okay. Thanks a lot! I appreciate it a lot!