My project isn't loading

One of the my project isn’t loading and i don’t know what should i do

Hi @HuseyinAli ! Could you share your code or your projectname (if it isn’t private?) I can take a look!

I’ve gotten this error a lot also – usually it’s because of something in the server code, if there is any in your project.

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@househaunt i can’t because its private :sweat:

No worries! Are you getting any errors in the console? I found this doc which helps to troubleshoot common errors but it doesn’t seem to have quite what you’re describing. How to solve common glitch problems

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I cant show console i just see loading screen

Ohhhh are you seeing the screen from when the Glitch editor loads your project (this one: )
or when you try to “wake up” and view your project? (this one: )

This picture dude

OHHHH I did not understand, I’m sorry! Yeah I have no idea – that sounds like something @cori would know about?

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Oh okay thank you very much again

Hey @HuseyinAli, welcome to the Glitch forum and sorry for the bother! I will need to know your project name and then can take a look.

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Project name is sakirrbot
And its link!/sakirrbot

Hey @HuseyinAli I moved your project to a new host and that seems to have resolved whatever issue you were having. Happy Glitching!


Oh Thank You very much :kissing_heart:

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