My project keeps going offline

My projcect keeps going offline after my modules were all auto updated.

Please take a look at it, thanks.

Project name: tg-bot-er-nice

That’s normal, Glitch project gets offline after 5 minutes of inactivity.

Hey @Krybskytten, as @demostanis notes, Glitch projects will go off-line if you don’t use something like UptimeRobot to keep it alive. Hope this helps!

It doesn’t. I have uptimerobot set to a 5 min interval at a http request. The project still seems to go offline. :confused:

Hi, I can’t find the project with the provided name, could you provide a link?

uptime robot cant help if there is no express or some other sort of webpage that opens when visiting the project as far as i know

Het @Krybskytten can you share a screenshot of your UptimeRobot config?