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@Fionn Do you want to help with a new CSS in TheBigDeveloper?

Sure. (more characters)

I’ll DM you details.

Is this supposed to happen but i cant click the Submit button, it just stays there and does nothingimage
is it supposed to be like that?



Indeed, the project has been discontinued.

Why such a great project, deleted? I can take control of it, I thought the project was such a good idea.

I’ve just made the decision to shut it down, I guess it’s due to the fact that I don’t have enough time to run it.

Feel free to remix it if you’d like to start a similar website! :grinning:


I’ve remixed it to keep the great project running :wink:

Great! Just so you know, forms were managed via

Ok, I will check that out!

My plan is to complete revamp the whole website. (no offense it looks really good already) And add more projects, and tons of more CSS. I’ll show what I’ve made when the website is done!


No offense taken. In my opinion, the website needed a revamp anyway.

I am planning on making it npm-themed, the gradient seems pretty cool.

Maybe you could start a team of people who manages requests, like the Wikipedia foundation in a fashion

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As I said, the project will remain available until the 29th of May.
The project has not been deleted, however no longer functions as it used to.

The files for the project can be found here.
You can remix the project here.

I’ve lifted the copyright restrictions, so you’re free to do what you wish with the projects code.