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Hello there,

I have quite recently developed a site on glitch that will allow developers with a project they’d like to make available to the community to be placed in a gallery-type site.

The site can be found at :

The two projects currently linked on the site are :
SecureSites (Forces www to https)
RedirectNow (Redirects site users to another page automatically)

I am well aware that the site doesn’t look the best, I am currently planning to re-develop the site.

If you’d like to have a project of yours featured on the site or have any questions, feel free to message me and I’ll see what I can do.

Have a good day,



Looks awesome, @Fionn!

Need a collaborator? Just PM me. I’d be willing to help if needed.

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A brilliant idea @Fionn !

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The first update has just gone live.

Re-designed the home page and added a Submit project page.


Your submit button is covered by the footer at

It worked for me.

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It seems to work fine for everyone else.
I’ve also just tried it on several different browsers and devices, it seemed to work fine on all of them.

Maybe try switching browser?

The new update looks amazing!

May 18th, 2020 Update
With todays update, I’ve added a feedback form and 4 new projects.

Thank’s to @RiversideRocks, @random and @anon69241012 for growing the project gallery!
If you’d like to have a project on our site, submit an application here!

If you have any suggestions, our feedback form can be found here.

Have a great day!


@Fionn I think you made a typo on CWB.

Oh, yes. I’ll fix that straight away.

Thanks so much. (more text)

I think the font css is not loading in. @Fionn, did you use google fonts or something like that?

No, I just haven’t added any fonts. I’m currently planning to have them added soon.



I have officially made the decision to cease all form submissions on MyDevTools.

Any projects that have already been submitted will be added to the website today.

The website will remain visible until the 29th of May, on that day all pages will be configured and will no longer show the project gallery.

Remixing the project is now possible and can be done here.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me via this forum.

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Could I use some code for TheBigDeveloper?

Indeed you can. The CSS is linked in the head tags if you’re wondering.

Ok. I just was wondering about deleting TBD before because I wasn’t sure if it would be like competing