Needing Help WIth DB

hey guys so I have a database but because it was a remix it wont show me what’s inside the database. And this is actually causing me to flip a little bit. Cause the only way for me to actually interact with the database is with a shit ton of commands. Also may Gareth rip thanks for the template but bruh moment.

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I’ve actually been wondering about the same thing- my solution was simply to put it off to the side, but I’ve got to admit that this isn’t a very good solution, until you get answers here, I’d suggest asking ChatGPT, and verifying odd things it tells you.

chatgpt doesn’t always give good answers

yeah, that’s why I suggested it as a placeholder.

wait what happened to gareth?

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Nothing’s happened to Gareth - I just think @Papaya_Dude has a very…strange way of shouting out Gareth for creating the starter they are trying to work on. I’m p sure Gareth’s working at CommandBar these days!


Yeah. Thats what I meant.

Did anyone ever find out a solution?

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