New to Glitch, posted my discord bot's code and confused how to run it

The code is correct and there are no errors but i am confused as how to make the bot go online.

Look for the line
and paste your client access token into it.

client.login("this is your token")

Nope tried that dint work. Found the console tho and now it runs! Only issue is uptimerobot says its down

Hello @roh-fai,

Could you make sure the “start” script in your package.json is as follows: node your_bot_file.js, if it is like that, could you please send a screenshot of your console so we can make sure there is no errors causing your bot to not start! Could you also provide the project name for the community to be able to better assist you! :slight_smile:

Mind sharing the projects name?

You need a start command also

Even though UptimeRobot says it’s down doesn’t really matter, if it’s annoying you just setup an express server with the bot and when the user goes to the / page, just set the status code to 200.


That helps, and at times it is the solution to why UptimeRobot is showing the bot as offline, but a 200 status can’t be send when you have a dashboard or a webpage for the bot.

If you are worried about it effecting the web page, instead of having it be the / page, have it be something like /uptimerobot. And then, change the url to that in UptimeRobot.

Ooh, that’s a great idea. I’m gonna try that!

Tolong bantu saya kasih solusi mengapa bot saya tidak merespons saat saya tag