New year, new jam, new CSS defaults with #dreamcss 🍓

Happy new year - and happy new jam!

The new year is a season of resets - new goals, new resolutions, new…CSS default styles?

This month’s jam prompt is “Your Dream Default Stylesheet” where the community is tasked with imagining a web where the default font isn’t Times New Roman - or maybe it is! Many of us have our CSS resets or wishes for different style defaults from browsers, but what if you can choose what everyone else started with?

This jam is a bit different than the last ones. This month, remix the jam starter ~your-dream-default-stylesheet, which we filled with all kinds of good html elements, and only update style.css - no editing index.html, adding/removing files or using JavaScript. Use your imagination with CSS, but keep it accessible!

Head to right now to learn more about what jams are and how to submit your projects. Also, see the submissions you all created in the last #giftgiving jam.

Thanks to all of you who participated last month, and to those who join us this month. We can’t wait to see and share what you create! :nail_care:


putting the textarea and submit button in the form section as inline elements. that’s fighting dirty


I love this concept ngl this one of the things that I’ve been wanting to do but have never gotten to. I’ll also be willing to put these styles into one of my old apps for preving markdown, (I’m aware that I wasn’t supposed to link to some styles that are now broken, but I’ll fix those later).


this jam reminds me of the css zen garden! it was one of the first websites i came across after being introduced to css, it’d be awesome to see a glitch version of the zen garden with all the styles from this codejam!


CSS zen garden was an huge inspiration for this! i shared on yesterday’s livestream a version of the app that has a dropdown of all the submissions so far - including yours - that i am putting together for the end of the month!


My first time participating in a Code Jam and I had a lot of fun~ I made a flower garden-inspired stylesheet!


amazing, i love the floral bullet points and the quotation mark in the blockquote, beautiful touches!

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who made css-only-challenge is a legend

That’s really nice! I love the color palette and the font you chose.

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when the collection said some projects had to be ommited from the style testing project for breaking the dropdown I actually thought it was refering to that one but surprisingly it does not break the dropdown.