Node js: Error: connect ETIMEDOUT

node:3464) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: connect ETIMEDOUT
How can i fix this error i don’t know which command:/
My project name: shiina-bottr

@Kyoya I’m not seeing your project – is it private?

@househaunt yep. Private…

I think I might be getting a similar error actually – if you look at the browser console, do you see an error? I’m getting a 502 right now on one of my projects and I can’t figure out why. It just shows the Starting screen

Does something listen on 3000 port in your app? The app will be “loading”, if nothing listens on that port

@jarvis394 was this to me? The project weirdlyun-stuck itself! This has happened to me a couple times, and the pattern seems to be that I’ll have an error in my server code and the container stops updating to reflect changes in that file – usually if I sort of jolt the project by switching out which file is being used to start it in glitch.json, it will restart. Sometimes it just takes a few tries.

Hello, @Kyoya! I’m sorry you’re having trouble with your project. With your permission, I can take a look and see if I can see what the error is.

Hi @Kyoya, following up on Potch’s note, I can’t find the project you mentioned - if you’d like us to take as look please double-check the project name.