Nominate creators to be featured on the Glitch blog ✨

If you’ve been following along on the Glitch blog, we do a running series highlighting creators and they projects they are able to build with Glitch!

The most recent one was published last week, Making learning to code fun: A Q&A with Sonny Li, Codédex founder and if you haven’t read it yet, you should check it out!

But more importantly, who would you like to see us profile? If you don’t know the creator but have a favorite app, let us know that too!

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next installment reveal via link url :open_mouth:


Lolol oops!

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nominating youngchief, he was pretty active on glitch a few years ago. he seems enthusiastic about free developer-oriented services, which is where I feel Glitch occupies an important spot.


Aww, thank you so much for the nomination! I feel honored to be nominated by such an outstanding community member. I miss being around here more often, but sadly, my life has become more occupied. I do hope to be more active now that my free time has opened up. And you are right about me being enthusiastic about free services for developers. I fell in love with Glitch many years ago in its early stages because I believed, and I still do believe, in its vision and mission.


I’d also like to add that the glitch staff do a great job of “dogfooding” their own product, to this day i still see some pretty cool side projects :slight_smile: but it probaly does not make sense to nominate them for this


We’re gearing up for a new quarter of creator profiles, who do you think we should feature next??


Mayybe me? I’ve been working on a LOT of stuff- including LLM Bot, a Discord bot originating on Glitch (GitHub - Erisfiregamer1/llm-bot), Glitchchord 2 ( and CrowdCards (!


I’ve said this many times before but @wh0 deserves solid recognition. I don’t think anybody else has played around with Glitch as much as them, testing it to its limits while providing enjoyable and technically detailed writeups.


These are great recommendations, keep em coming!!

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@yonle makes a lot of unique websites imho that are very mobile optimized yet still good looking.


So many years has been passed, Everyone.
Time fade so fast that it is like i was still a middle school student yesterday.

I still remember stuffs that i create back then and my old mistakes that i’ve done in Glitch, or somewhere at Internet, too.

To think that i may only have 3-5 projects that were kind of big for me (ytmous, toard, tird, other…). The rest are random bunch of codes that i throw from my brain into GitHub.

I’ve saw this thread yesterday. But i prefer to being quiet until this guy here mentions me. I really did not expect that to happen, tho.

Normally several websites are powered with random CSS lib that we’re all familiar with (Bootstrap, Tailwind, etc). But these are too heavy for me especially when my internet speed became 15 KB/s. So i am trying to play around with my CSS skills and try learn more further with it.

I got new ideas everyday, But when you asked me what the ideas are, It is too hard to explain.

Just thinking what stuffs that i could create. When it is possible, then there it comes. That’s how my projects were made.

I just prefer to “make it simple” for every projects that i made, Because there are no valid reason for me to make stuff hards when it could be done easily.

Anyway, Thanks for mentioning me @javaarchive.

By the way, I often attacking my own projects with bunch of exploits that i know to see whenever there’s a vulnerable hole or not.