Not showing correct data in editor


I am writing to a text file with fs in javascript. When I open this file in the editor window it doesnt show what is actually in there, but it shows what I manually wrote in the editor. When reading this file through the program the correct data is returned, which can not be seen in the editor. When changing the file in the editor it overwrites the data.

So when I accidentally change something in this file, all the data will be lost.

I was wondering if this is a bug and if so is there a chance it will be fixed. If you know another (better) way to store data please let me know.


Hi @Mini-Jam! Welcome to the Glitch Support forum. Can you send along the name of your project so I can take a look and investigate further? Thanks!

For some reason it showed it correctly after reentering the editor a couple times. Takes a few tries though. Or maybe its taking 10 minutes till it works idk. Example in this project: stream-saffron


The editor is not connect to the program itself when it is about data

To update the file, you can add “refresh” in the console

Thanks @AlexisL61! Is there a way of calling this command through the program? Something like console.send(“refresh”)? (Using Node.js)

I don’t know if your program has access to the console itself