NPM's Keep Re-downloading

My npm’s keep reinstalling randomly putting my bot offline. My disk space isn’t even close to full, any ideas on what it could be? Note: There are also many massive download times 2000000ms+ at times

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Hey @Redstone-Hamster, try any of the following options and let me know here if it doesn’t work:

  1. Run enable-pnpm in the terminal.
  2. Or run npm rebuild in the terminal.
  3. Delete your node_modules folder and re-install them.

If none of those are left, maybe it has to do with the Glitch outages.


Just tried npm and pnpm and they were frozen seems like someone broke the package managers.

Delete your node_modules folder and type npm install this will installs the mentioned packages at the package.json file.

Uhhh glitch uses pnpm so that might conflict