PATH in .env -> `-su: <command>: No such file or directory` for any console command in remixed project

Happily this bug is easy to describe:

When someone remixes the-rabbit-hole (including me!), it seems that the console is completely busted. Even refresh doesn’t work - and that’s advertised as a command on the text at the top of the console! If I do an echo $PATH, I find that there is nothing there! The reason for this is that my .env file is scrubbed, which results in an empty PATH.

So, the remixer can just edit .env and make it look like this again:


Am I supposed to set my PATH somewhere else than .env? Like, just put them in ~/.profile or ~/.bashrc? The TWEEGO_HOME variable is also essential to make the project usable. I have just now done this, which fixes the problem, but then the file doesn’t show up in the remix - so it’s a bit opaque.

I’m working towards a good minimal tweego based project, so I would like for it to be easy for beginners to remix and start playing with right away - diving straight into content, not configuring .env.

Thank you!

Hi davclark!

Ah yes, the .env file is definitely scrubbed since we recommend people use it for secrets.

I’d recommend putting it in .profile or .bashrc and making sure they are committed in git since sometimes hidden files are not.

If you need additional help with this, let me know!


I did move those definitions to ~/.profile and I did have to add it to git manually. Currently, it doesn’t show up in the editor, either, so I added a note in the README.

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