PHP Problems inside of HTML file

When i try to add <?php //script ?> it shows an error:

Also, when doing a basic form i get this:

That’s a linting error. If you specify the file type as .php they’ll go away.

The form screenshot shows so blurry I can’t read the error message. What error are you getting? Glitch is primarily for Node.js, so if you’re wanting to use PHP on Glitch I suggest remixing from an example app like!/lamp-poc

I get “Method not allowed”.

Make sure you have route defined for the HTTP method you are requesting.

This is my index.html code:

And welcome.php:

So, yea, it is defined. (post)

Also, in a Node-sqlite/Node-app project, it says: “Cannot POST /fileName.php”

Unfortunately you can’t just put PHP files in a Node app as it won’t work. As I mentioned in my first response, you’ll need to remix this PHP base project and add your files to it -!/lamp-poc

Ok, thank you :).:sweat_smile: