Pip problems with Flask and any module

I’m set my app there and i didn’t edit the code from weeks ago. However, today it started to not sending messages and when i go to edit project. my imports were removed, pip3 and pip doesn’t work. What can I do ?

I attached a pic where you can see how i cant use pip r4kxaeZL .

Thanks in advance !

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Hi @i62lucoc, welcome to the Glitch forum and sorry for the bother! I took the liberty of looking at your project and here’s what’s happening.

We recently updated python (and python3) in the Glitch containers, and what’s now available in the operating system is incompatible with the pip* binaries you have installed in your project’s .local directory. If you delete your .local directory and run refresh in the project’s console (you’ll also need to correct the name of your requirements file so Glitch can find it) everything should install correctly using the versions of pip and pip3 that are now installed in the container.

You may run into other python version compatibility problems once things are installed, but this is the first step. Good luck!


Thanks mate, I have fixed it