Please PLEASE give us proper folders!

image this is starting to get so ANNOYING.
Please lords of give us proper folders that u can press, like visual studio code and every other code editor. I spend 5 minutes trying to find the right file and folder etc because of the ANNOYING folder/file format of yours. I would very much apreciate that you guys make it better and clickable etc. It makes me wanna use visual studio code and spend money on a VPS instead of using glitch. But i like glitch, but please fix it.

Totally agree and this is something we’re actively working on. In the mean time, you might find using the file search capability a quicker way of locating a file in a large project.


yeah, and @Gareth are you guys working on a better file/folder system? If you are, when will it be released approximately?

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Hey @ramoth123 improvements to the file list have been on our task list for quite a while as we’ve mentioned elsewhere in the forum; we’re making progress but I can’t give you an estimate for when it will be done. We’re as excited about it as y’all are!

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Can’t wait for it to be out, it will be a major update i hope. And 1 more thing, is there a shortcut for opening the log. If not could you guys add a shortcut to open the log

Hey @ramoth123 it would probably be worth opening a new topic for the shortcut request.

Try these scripts.

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Hey folks, we’ve released an update to the Editor that turns on a folder-style file list display. Read more about it at Now your folders act like folders!.

Please let us know if you encounter any issues - that topic is a great place to add your comments.

Thanks for your patience, and we hope this is useful! Happy Glitching!