Please update some the Slack Bots 🤖



Both of the following have out of date readme’s, there a little difficult to follow since Slacks changes of terminology and shuffling around of various configuration options:
• ~slack-bot
• ~slack-bot-persist
(:point_up:t3:Obfiscated URLs as I can only post two links because I’m a forums n00b here :rofl:)

The Slack Glitch app aka is currently not functioning as expected, I installed the app “as is” from Slack dot com and have not remixed it

I could remix and update these myself, but that doesn’t help others so is there a process for requesting and/or pushing changes and updates back to the original Glitch project so that everyone benefits from the updates?




They do like to move things around! I’ve updated slack-bot and slack-bot-persist - thanks for the heads-up.

What’s not functioning as expected with solid-tugboat? I tested it but it seemed to be working fine for me.