Pnpm doesn't work with git sub modules

So I have a bot that uses a dependency from github which uses git submodules. I am not sure how can I make it work…:frowning:

I’m not sure why git submodules would be interacting with pnpm. What packages are failing to install? What’s the error message?

Solved the error but ran into another problem. I am using pm2js to start server plus bot that interacts with it. The pm2 starts both of them in the background as a separate process. The glitch seems to restart them :frowning:
Can I have some sort of fake start command or stop the auto starting and instead work from the terminal. It just frustrating

You can control the restart behavior with watch.json:

Actually I want to stop it from running the app when I import it. It starts running the app as soon as import it. Will a watch.json file will do that?

No, it just changes the restart behavior. If your imported project doesn’t have a start command though, then it won’t be able to run. If you let us know a little more about what it is you’re trying to do we might be able to suggest a better way of working.

I use pm2 to start the app in the background. I have a graphql server and a bot that connects to it. Both are started up by the pm2 in the background. Glitch is just restarting the whole thing again and again. The project is in typescript so it has to compile first before running. This is causing my project to keep restarting with the start command.

If you change watch.json so that the app only restarts when TypeScript files change, then you should be able to avoid this problem.