Prettify Code Bookmarklet


Hey all,

According to DanielX there was an update to the Content Security Policy on, meaning that the bookmarklet from has stopped working.

I created a revised version that doesn’t require an API service and can be used directly from your browser.

Just grab and drop the bookmarklet and give it a try inside an app.

Project URL:


This seems kind of wrongly advertised for the following reasons.

  1. The bookmarklet is not actually related to Prettier at all.
  2. The bookmarklet is definitely not new.
  3. There it a reason it was not automatically enabled by the Glitch team.

I did not mean for this post to be threatening or put anybody down, it is simply my opinion on a matter.


We have no problem with the bookmarklet. The old one stopped working because we made some unrelated security changes that broke it.


I am talking about the reason why prettifying is not available in the editor.