Problem with quick.db

if (command === “warn”){
if(!args[0]||!args[1]) return“You must include both a user and a reason”);
var user = message.mentions.members.first() || client.users.get(args[0])
var reason = args.slice(1).join(’ ')
modlogs.add(${}.${}.warncount, 1)
var warnID = modlogs.get(warnID)
modlogs.push(${}.warns.${warnID}, [User: <@${}>, Warned by: <@${}>, Reason: ${reason}])
modlogs.add(warnID, 1)**<@${}> was warned for: ${reason}**)
somehow warnID gets changed to null instead of the actual number


didn’t I say to ping me when you posted? :rage:

i did lmao why u so salty