Project avatars not updating


I upload new project avatars, which are visible on the project pages. But in the community pages or from the landing page (e.g.,, it still shows the random image.



when I open both the community site link and the editor, I see the same avatar. Is this your newest avatar?

If not, maybe we have some other issue with avatar uploads. In that case, could you let us know what file you’re trying to upload as your avatar?


Some images on what I see:


arg, looks like a issue with how we set caching headers on project avatar uploads in the editor. I’ve added the bug to our backlog

thanks for the help!


I’ve deployed an update that has a much shorter max-age for project avatar uploads. New avatars being uploaded shouldn’t have this problem in the future. I’ve also run an invalidation in our cache for the existing avatars so that they’ll update to the new images.

Hope this solves your problem! :slight_smile: