Unable to remix any glitch projects with an anonymous account

I am unable to remix any glitch projects with an anonymous account, receiving this following error:

“an error occured when trying to create this project, please try again later”

But the Glitch Status page reports all is operational. How can I troubleshoot this?

I’ve asked multiple friends to try remixing Glitch projects with anonymous accounts as well and they too are unable to do so.

you can’t use the editor either

Hi @huijing,

I’m sorry that you could not remix anonymously! This should be working now. When you have a chance, please give it a try. If it still does not work for you, let me know.

I am able to remix anonymously now, however, it seems like I am unable to upload a project avatar for my project. Every time I do so, it disappears once the page refreshes. This is the problem project: https://glitch.com/~stream-video-chat
Is it a related issue?

yep, it seems a lot of stuff we can`t do anonmyously

Hi huijing! What browser are you on? I believe this is a bug I filed for avatars in Firefox. I filed it awhile ago so I’m not sure it’s related.

I’ve also been unable to upload project avatars except I’ve been signed in via GitHub. I’ve been using Chrome and the error presents itself not as a failure to upload, in fact it uploads and shows properly until the project is refreshed or opened in a new tab.

Specific project I’ve experienced the issue with: https://glitch.com/~turnip-stalker

I’m new to the forum so if this isn’t an appropriate place to post this I’m happy to make a new topic.


Now I can’t upload avatars :scream: I’m going to make sure this bug gets attention


@FlantasticDan can you create a new thread? I’d like to see if others are experiencing this. Also I love turnip-stalker!

Here is the new thread: Project Avatar Upload Bug

@mmcewen thanks so much, it’s a big work in progress at the moment, hope to have a beta by Sunday for next week’s in game turnip cycle!

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I’ve used both Firefox and Chrome. I’ll be following @FlantasticDan’s issue for this bug.
As an aside, @FlantasticDan your app is AH-MAZING.