Project stuck on installing

My project has been stuck on installing… for a couple of days now, I have tried multiple fixes but none of them seem to work.

All the logs say is

node v10.15.3, with pnpm


Project name: bakzkndd-ro-the-bot-official

@glitch_support i forgot to mention you :no_mouth:

hi! i’m actually looking into this right now, seeing if i can get an npm install to work and stop failing and restarting.

Ok things are running again. I ran enable-npm to see if things installed and then back to enable-pnpm so that the packages don’t count towards your disk space. It takes several minutes to complete because of all the packages, but it appears to work now. Let me know if you run into this again.

thanks for the fast response and fix, I’ll let you know if there are any further issues