Python packages and running out of storage

My repo is roman-economics-flask. Please help me. This is for a school project. I cannot possibly download the packages I need.

I have tried deleting everything possible to delete. I have tried using the httpimport python library, but I couldn’t get that to work. I would spend money but they only bill annually. Also what is that about? I would pay $20 to get the project boosted for one week. Why not have a more expensive monthly option? I am trying to give glitch money. But anyway if someone could help with the python packages problem that would be awesome.


Hi there - you can choose monthly for $10 - click “Choose Pro” on the pricing page and select the Monthly option. If this doesn’t work for you, let us know by filing a ticket in our help center -

Yeah. I figured that out. Y’all should make it say “OR $10 billed monthly" before I click choose pro. Is there any way to accomplish this without spending money though? Such as being able to install pip packages without it counting towards storage?

you can try installing dependencies into /tmp. the downside is that they’ll get cleared when the project container shuts down, so you’ll have to install them each time. which if you’re installing more than the project storage can fit, that might take a while.