Remixing own project

I’ve recently upgraded my project (, so it’s now locked. I previously would remix it so I could test it, as it it’s constantly in use, but now I am unable to. Is there any way around this?

cant remix using Glitch :・゚✧

did you make the project private?

Yes, but I thought that would mean I could still remix it!

Hi @ella_mullins,

You should be able to remix it as long as you’re logged into Glitch - did you try clicking the link included above by @nobody?

If that doesn’t work if you visit this page while logged in are you able to remix using the button that appears under the project?

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I’ve just tried the link from nobody and it worked. Remixing via the link you provided seems to work too, so thanks. It’s just the remix button on the edit page that doesn’t seem to work.

Thanks for the help @nobody and @sue-smith!


Thanks for the update, I’ve passed this on to our engineering team because I think it should probably work from inside the editor too…!


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