"Remix your own" only appearing occasionally


If I keep refreshing this page, I sometimes get a “Remix your own” button, sometimes I don’t. Is this in the progress of being rolled out? (great feature btw)


Sorry for the trouble, it should show or be hidden consistently depending on whether you’re viewing your own project or not.

When you don’t see the remix option, what are the other buttons you see, preview and edit project or preview and view source? Since it’s your project we’d expect that you wouldn’t see the remix option, just preview and edit. Only on someone else’s project should you see 3 buttons - preview, view source and remix your own.


Sorry, I should have included a screenshot in the first place:


That’s the correct view as you own that project. We don’t present the remix button to owners. But you’ve seen it shown on that specific project, you weren’t viewing projects owned by someone else?


I just refreshed a couple of times and got this:

However, I really want that “Remix your own” button! The projects I pin to my profile page are generally starting points, so I don’t want to edit them, I want to remix them.


Ok, sorry about that - we’ll take a look. And thanks for the feedback, I’ll pass it on and see what we can come up with.


FWIW, https://list-projects.glitch.me/jakearchibald now highlights pinned projects, and always has a “remix” option.

Just change the username at the end.