Remove vote limit ree

i find the vite limit very annoying as im always out of votes so could you remove this limit
vote if yant it added BUT if you want it added but have no votes left use this poll (also vote it if you have votes left)
to vote on the poll if you dont want this vote 0 and if you do vote 1

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The reason there is a limit on the votes you have, is because if someone has infinite votes, they can easily vote on EVERYTHING, and not the things they actually want, so they will use the limited votes on the things they want the most!

well in that case you could make it so tl2 and higher have infinite votes
it would also be file to raise i by ALOT

There will never be infinite votes given to any user on the forum.

The vote limit is intentional, and we’re not planning on changing it, although I did just close a few folder-related topics that might return a vote to you.

We’re a small team with a finite amount of resources and we have to choose what we work on from the many many things everyone who uses Glitch would like to see, and we each have our own ideas of what’s most important as well. Since we have to decide what’s most important to work on it’s only fair that y’all have to decide what’s most important to you as well, and being able to choose ten different items to vote for seems pretty reasonable.

The limit is 5 for me :thinking:

Ah yes, I’m sorry, that statement was misleading - votes available is based on trust level.

you do you get to trust level 5 then?

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