Renamed project too many times (I think?) created corrupted state

I made about 5 projects that were all remixes of each other with similar names.

At some point I corrupted something, it seems like, perhaps by naming a remix the name of another project, which had just been renamed. Confused yet?

When I opened a “console” from one project like “SomeProject” after it was renamed it would log me in, showing me as like “app@SomeOtherProject” where “SomeOtherProject” is maybe the old name of the project, or the name of another project I made.

The project I want to have:

When I edit the CSS, changes show immediately.

When I edit the html files, the changes don’t reflect, even after a while.

When I go into console, it shows me the right files, i.e. cat views/index.html shows the right contents.

I have my code all backed up so if you need to blow away files to resolve this or debug it, go ahead


Hi Lacy,

the issue with index.html is not with renaming, but with nunjucks: you have to configure it so that it does not cache files. Use for example:

nunjucks.configure(".", { noCache: true })

As for the console, I think you need to close and reopen the window to see the new domain in it.

Let us know if this fixes your issues :slight_smile:

OK cool, that makes sense. First time nunjucks user. Was just paranoid with all the renaming & whatever magic you guys are doing in the background. Really really cool stuff.

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So, I renamed picam to picam-post-upload since it’s based on HTTP POST

and renamed picam-dev (which is based on to just “picam”

Now both projects look like the old HTTP POST project

If I go into console via project picam, it shows me as logged in as app@picam-post-upload (this is the wrong project name) (I only have one browser tab open)

Which, that project name gives me hope… since maybe somewhere still lives the code for the project

I didn’t back up the code in the new version, so any help would be great. Will back up next time!!

edit P.S. an easy way to tell the new from the old is that the title is center-justified in the new version. Both URLs (picam… and picam-post-upload…) look like the “old” align-left title, in my browser anyway. I found the old project still here:

Hi Lacy,

thanks for reporting! picam should be back now.

Saved the day again! You all do magic. Thanks