[Resolved] Log pane covers file list, can't get to last files

When I have the logs pane open, the list of files seems to just go behind it, but doesn’t cause a scrollbar. I have to keep closing the logs pane to be able to get to my files :frowning:

(public/screen is not my last file)

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Probably related - if your screen high enough to include all files such that you need to scroll to get to the Logs button, then the logs pane will open up floating in the middle of the page.

Thanks for the report!

We’ll get this on the short list of hygiene fixes… I guess we were wrong when we said “Twelve files ought to be enough for everybody” :smiley:


Most Chromebooks are only 1366x768 which doesn’t help :frowning: I’ll bet on your nice 30" 4K monitors you can fit 50 files :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh… “short” :expressionless:

You should now be able to view scroll the left pane to view your files even when the log pane is open. Thanks for the report!


Yep; scrolls fine now :slight_smile: