Bug on file Select Screen on the code Editor

Hey @glitch_support
I Have Bug which Is Very Annoying and is making it hard to Work on files i am Using a work around (Creating blank files)
(it is on the Bottom of the image)
Maybe make it so you can Dismiss it or have it Display Somewhere else and yes i have refreshed the page


I think this should be moved to the following post: File browsing problem since I am not regular I can’t do it :frowning_face:

Regulars can’t merge topics either


A possible hack to prevent this could be collapsing the opened folders, or if you have many files outside, better keep them in src / public ;).

This issue also happens when the logs pane or the terminal is opened.

Hi @Boofhead1000,

Sorry this is causing you trouble. We’ll look into how that layout works. Thanks for reporting.


Thank you People in The Topic:

Have Made Some code That you could Add as a Sub