Responsive webdesign


Hi Glitch, i have make this site with wix, and i use glitch so the wix banner at the top is removed, but now the problem my website is not responsive to the phone, and big screens, what should I do now? :frowning: And can i also use on mobile because it goes on another side some wix have made. :frowning: Im so sad for that.



It looks like it shows up exactly the same as at Wix. So there is no problem with Glitch or your project here, you just need to make it responsive at the Wix end. I’m not sure if it’s possible though as I’ve never used Wix. Here is the comparison just in case, as you can see there is no difference in responsiveness:



I mean i can not use glitch site om mobile, and there uses the glitch site, i will not use the wixsite…



It’s not very clear what you want. Do you want to display a different site on Glitch when you are visiting from mobile? For example, you want to display on desktop and on mobile? (The second URL is not real, it’s just an example.)

In this case you will need to add two iframe elements to your page. You can control which one is displayed at which size by adding a <style> tag to the head of your HTML and adding media queries in it.