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Hello! I was experimenting with a little project called SimpleSearch, where I’m planning to make a search system that can show you results that I have created. SimpleSearch to view the project. So, I want to make a search results page after a user inputs text into the search bar. How do I create a search results page?

what’s your starting point? a static site?

Yes, I just remixed the “Blank Website.”

these search forms usually work by running a program on the server to do the search, you’ll have to convert your site to a full stack site if you want to do it that way. I don’t know if there’s a guide to doing that though. have you worked with express or fastify before?

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Alternatively you can do it in a static website although it depends on what kind of content you want to search. Docsify has a search plugin that works out of the box

While I never tried it, it seems you can add search bar to an eleventy website (there are some eleventy examples from glitch)

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