Search bar?! Glitch in Bio?


is there a way to get a search bar, which works on the full site? Also on subsides?

Is the a plugin maybe?

Thank you

Hi @thetha - a spam account had replied to this so it came under my radar, so apologies for the late response! I use elasticlunr on my eleventy site (Glitch in Bio uses eleventy) and while I’ve not set up search on a Glitch in Bio site, this tutorial may steer you in the right direction: Add Search to an Eleventy website with Elasticlunr - Duncan McDougall

Basically, you would add a template for the “search index” file which would end up having literally every piece of content on the site that elasticlunr can scan when searched, and you add a template for the search page.

If I understand correctly, the OP is talking about adding a search bar to glitch in bio, which isn’t plug-and-play because glitch in bio is written from scratch with a minimum use of front end framework (lighterhtml) so basically it is impossible unless you build a search function on your own.

And I decided to implement it on my own:

The implementation is a bit verbose, but I hope it works (and if glitch staffs pick it up and somehow add it to the template, that’d be great)

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