Secret list app

Hi there!
I am a novice. I would be very happy if someone could help me make the data in my list app secret. You will find it on!/farmer.

Hi @mattiasinokuchi, welcome to the Glitch forums! Can you explain some more about what you mean when you say need to keep the data in your list app secret? I looked at the code and it looks like the database information is being stored .data, which is a great start already – this means that when someone remixes your project, they won’t get a copy of your data (and also won’t be able to see the contents of the database when looking at your code, as I understand it.)

Does that meet your needs? If you wanted to, say, have endpoints available to the app which should not be accessible to users (such as a getAllUsers endpoint or something like that) my first thought would be that you could require authentication to access those endpoints. Would that make things sufficiently secret?

Thanks for the rapid answer! “Secret Guy” has got company by JOn JOe :slightly_smiling_face: We both can view and modify the list without login. I guess this app needs some kind of authentication to prevent this or am I wrong?

Hey – sorry about the slow reply! I think authentication would be a great starting point! This seems to be a collection of starter apps that might be helpful: Let me know if you get stuck!