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I’ve worked on several projects where I needed to check the .data/ folder to make sure a file was being written correctly. Easy enough with the console+ls, but it would have been nice to be able to see things in the editor.

Now I’m working on a project intended for less experienced users, allowing for additional customization in a config/ folder hidden by my .gitignore file. When I add optional files into that config/ folder I can see them, but since the folder is hidden via .gitignore it becomes invisible on refresh. I don’t want these files as part of a fork/remix, and I don’t want them syncing to github — but I do want them to be easily accessed by users if they decide to create them.

In both of these situations a “show hidden files and folders” toggle or button would be super helpful, and I can imagine there are other use cases where this is true. The editor is brilliant, and I’d love to be able to use it will all files, whether they are visible or not.

Hey pal - I just passed this onto the team that works on the editor!


Right on! I mean there’s an easy workaround I’m adding in the docs (tweak .gitignore, refresh, change it back) but you know…buttons are cute!

I have projects that depend on having .data/ be confidential even when the project is public. Please have that in mind if you make changes.

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yep, you have my vote !

you have my vote, although i have none left!

this would help immensly on xent, pyos, and a few other projects that are now flooding the glitch community!

it would certainly help with hiding files and showing them, a nice button will do!

I think @sheridan had already said in an earlier post about the hidden files toggling. The short term fix was to prevent gitignored files from being rewritten which had happend earlier.

If only I could find which post that was…

if you do that would help a lot!

Me too, but I suggest that only .data/ and node_modules should be excluded plus any other things excluded by .gitignore file, like PM2 logs (.pm2/).

I suggest you read the whole topic, it’s relevant towards the end:

yep, i saw your example- thanks!

my vote, for sure ツ.