"Site is in read only mode" bug

Has any one else noticed that the site keeps going into “read-only” mode?


I’ve noticed this a couple of times. It normally goes away after a few seconds.


yeah. it happens a lot, but it doesn’t seem to mean anything because you can still reply, like and send PMs.

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I’ve been on this forum for around a year and I am a Regular, but I have never seen this issue :joy:


It is a feature (usually turned on my admins) that stops people. Sometimes can be turned on by just opening the site.

well then it doesn’t seem to work, does it?

I said it can be turned on by entering the site. It can happen if there is an error reading the JSON files.

Makes sense, if it got turned on because the filesystem was overloaded, it could display that error because it would be failing to create or modify files so it would conclude it was in read only mode


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