Slow installation of better-sqlite3

When I awake my project from sleep, he take a very long time to be launched. If I check the logs, I see my app try to better-sqlite3.

This is so long. My app can take 5 mins for awake really!
What I can do for fix that?
(my project name is mentvel: Mentvel - An public ideas list)

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Please @glitch_support , help me!

The only thing glitch support can really do is include prebuilt versions of better-sqlite3 in their pnpm store which might happen since this is used a lot in node applications.

Hi there, I’m sorry you’re running into this! I have the same long install time for this package, so I think it’s just a bit too hefty a package to be installed in a Glitch project. I’ll make a ticket to see if this is something we’re able to include prebuilt on containers.


He Jenn. Just as a point of info, I use better-sqlite3 as well. It can take a minute when it decides to build the library again but I haven’t found it to be burdensome. On the other hand I have the project boosted so it doesn’t do it often.

Yeah. It’s can be cool for more faster awake!
(i have do an feature idea)

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