chat app doesn't work!

Well, I created a chat application using NodeJS and Socket-io [express and ejs also, if that matters]. And it works just fine on my dev computer, but then I uploaded it onto Github and created a project from it on Glitch for hosting it. But the thing is, it doesn’t work.

By “it doesn’t work”, I mean, the server works, EJS properly renders my pages. But the actual chat messages don’t show up. Also, whenever I try to create a new room, it shows up only after I refresh the page. So I guess something is wrong with socket-io.

The site is live at, and the source code is at!/chat-on-now

Please help!

Are you sure your Javascript code is OK?

Make sure you loaded the script at /

Npm packages are not stored in the project. Instead, use the one from jscdn.

if you “wrapped” your app variable with socketio it can be accessed through yonle’s url.