+ Node.js + Glitch

Please look at my code, This code works on my localhost but on glitch it doesn’t, I’m not surprised that this is the case but how do I fix it?

The aim is to make it so that when you click the “Happy” button, in logs you should see “happy because its my birthday”

Although, I’m pretty sure it’s this won’t happen but please try and not to change the index.html page, :blush: Thanks.

I’ve remixed your project to see what was not right and the thing was that app.listen won’t work when you’re using and in serv.listen you’ve set a wrong port.

you can check out my remix to see what I’ve changed to make it work.

Awesome, thanks. If it’s with you, I will reply in this thread if I have any problems. I have none so far, so again, thanks.